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Life Two

How to get to and enjoy what used to be called retirement

Life after full-time work shouldn’t be a scary prospect. But people worry about losing their identity, what they will do, and whether they will outlive their assets. This engaging and encouraging tour of the territory of Life Two allows you to conquer irrational fears and put yourself in the driver’s seat, understanding your financial situation and in control of your direction and speed for the happiest time of life’s journey.

Freedom, Time, Happiness: A companion on your journey

You’ll know by now that I have published Life Two, and it is available on Amazon. Freedom, Time, Happiness (FTH for short, from now on) is a free companion volume that complements Life Two.

It’s also about Life Two (in other words, life after full-time work), of course. But it deals with the subject in a more leisurely and comprehensive way. Both volumes are written as guided tours of the land of Life Two, with me as your tour guide.

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