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#186 2022, A Great Year For Investments!

in Finance

Actually true for most workers in “defined contribution” plans

#185 A Different Way To Report Retirement Plan Accumulations

More meaningful, with a sense of both the passage of time and volatility

#184 Financial Literacy Is Low, But Highly Desirable

in Finance

I’ll explain what it is, and why many people wrongly think it’s just higher math.

#183 Yet More Forms Of Exercise

Yoga, t’ai chi, pilates, and the specific goals of exercise

#182 Some Other Possible Forms Of Exercise

Walking, swimming, gardening

#181 The Joys And Benefits Of Dancing

… and other forms of exercise

#180 Why Save For Retirement?

You don’t have to … if you’re prepared to work forever

#179 “Your Hundred Year Life”: An Outstanding Documentary Film

My film debut! (In a very minor way)

#178 Do You Need A Life of Purpose?

Big P or little p?

#177 Using Time To Improve Happiness

Cassie Holmes tells us how