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#205: When Was The Need For An Extra Leap Year Day First Recognized?

Amazingly, it was almost 5,000 years ago! How could they possibly have measured something so tiny?

#204 On A Personal Note

Thank you, to my Australian friends!

#203 When Is Your Relationship Venn Diagram Important In Retirement?

At three possible times. Also (at the end of this post): I’m in a podcast

#202 Two People Make A Couple, But …

… they’re also two separate people

#201 Lottery Tickets Are Not An Investment

Nevertheless, you can get emotional value from buying them

#200 Index Of Blog Posts

This update includes all posts to the end of 2023 — and the Bull Market song!

Happy Holidays To All!

A quick review of the year’s posts, an announcement of a Future Of Aging Summit next year in Toronto, and (importantly) what I’m planning regarding an index to these posts

#199 Which Is The Best Pension System In The World?

And how do you judge something like that?   Usually I write about matters relevant to individuals or couples, but this blog post is an exception. It deals, not with the ground-level individual view, but with the perspective from 30,000 feet, looking at a comparison of pension systems around the world. That comparison has been […]

#198 How To Bring Your Future Self Closer

Three sets of devices to close that difficult gap

#197 Get To Know Your Future Self

… who will seem like a stranger to you