Calculator Introduction

Welcome to my Personal Funded ratio calculator!

Before we go any further, let me set out the basis on which the calculator is being provided.

There are five explanatory posts that describe the calculator, its purpose, its use and its limitations. It makes no sense to proceed without reading them.

Start with these posts:


Briefly, the purpose of the calculator is to give you information you might not be aware of.

Three things are always intertwined. You put money into your pension pot, you invest it to make it grow, and there’s something available at the end. Common sense. What the calculator does is to show you how those three elements are connected. If you know what goes in and how much it’ll grow, that’ll tell you how much will be available. But also, if you know what goes in and how much you’d like to have available, that will tell you how much growth is necessary. Or, if you have some rate of growth in mind and know how much you’d like to have available at the end, that’ll tell you how much you have to put it. Those are essentially the calculations made available.

I’ve kept the calculator as simple as I could, with the detail placed in the posts. That’s another reason it’s important to read the posts.

My purpose is to give you an initial impression of where you stand today. I don’t suggest precision in the numbers. Nobody knows the future. So take the results as first approximations, as orders of magnitude, to start you thinking or to provide information to discuss with your advisers.

All the calculations are done on the website. There’s nothing to download, and the calculator saves nothing and adds no cookies. So, if you want a record of any calculation, you have to print it. Once you leave the calculator, the record is gone.

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THIS IS PURELY EDUCATIONAL. AS THE TERMS & CONDITIONS EXPLAIN, NO ADVICE FLOWS FROM IT. Any decisions you make must depend on how you relate the results to your own circumstances and attitudes – as I explain on numerous occasions in my posts on this website – after further review or discussion with your advisers.

Others have potentially better tools to offer you. I encourage you to try them out. My purpose here is to start you on this path, to help you create your own teachable moment.