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# 111 What’s Innovative In Pensions?

You tell me!


The WorldPensionSummit (WPS) awards prizes every year for innovations in four fields: technology, communication, plan design and investment. I’m proud to have been a member of its Advisory Board for many years, and therefore one of the judges for those awards.

This year the WPS is innovating in its own right. It is creating a new award, called The Brightest Idea Award. That’s because innovation starts with a new idea: a spark, a brainwave, a tiny little seed that needs to be planted with care, and with the right nutrients it can grow into an innovation that contributes to a better world. For this first such award, the WPS is looking for the brightest idea in investing for the environment: how our assets can futureproof our planet.

Are you an innovator or visionary, or do you have an awesome idea for a brand new innovation, but you don’t have the platform or contacts to launch it and get people interested? WPS becomes your channel to reach institutional investors from around the globe. And ANYONE can enter: start-ups, consultants, students, pension funds, communication experts, whiz kids … you get the idea … your smart 16-year-old, etc etc.

Here’s a link to submit a nomination: WWW.PIONLINE.COM/WPSINNOVATIONAWARDS

Or just tell me about it, and I’ll help you to submit it.

There are benefits for nominees.

  • You get a global platform for sharing your idea, and the top 5 finalists get to make a pitch
  • 3 nominees have registration and delegate fees waived; the others get a 50% discount
  • You’re recognized via the online Pensions & Investments platforms
  • You’re listed as a Brightest idea nominee, and you’re also recognized in the P&I WorldPensionSummit Brightest Idea pamphlet
  • The Brightest Idea winner takes home a beautiful handmade glass award

The deadline for submissions is July 30, 2020.

Go for it!


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