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# 125 An Index To The First 124 Blog Posts

This can replace the emails and links you’ve saved!


In my final post last year I promised an index to all my blog posts so far, knowing that many of you save them in what must now be a very large email folder, and finding from my own experience how difficult it is to find something I know I’ve written about.

Here it is:

Let me tell you how I’ve compiled it, in the hope that this makes it easy for you to use.

Start with the List of Categories. This gives you a few headings that should enable you to at least narrow down the topic you’re looking for. (By the way, the headings correspond pretty well with the way the book Freedom, Time, Happiness – available free, as always, in the top line of the website – is arranged.)

When you click on the heading, the posts on that aspect of Life Two appear, arranged in chronological order. To help you identify a specific one you may be looking for, I’ve identified each post in three ways. There’s the title of the post; there’s a blurb that tells you what the post is about; and there’s a takeaway that summarizes the conclusion reached in the post. That should let you identify the one you’re looking for – and so of course I’ve also included a hyperlink to take you to that post immediately.

I don’t know if I’ve fouled something up. I hope not, so please let me know if there’s something that has gone wrong. It took me a long time to compile the index, and along the way I found that somehow specific posts were missing and somehow others were repeated. I hope I’ve corrected all that, but for all I know there’s still something wrong. If so, I apologize.

The compilation got me to do something else that I enjoyed and that I hope will also contribute to your enjoyment, and that was to have a quick review of the topics in each category. Since it has been a while (a few years now, to my amazement) since the posts started, it might be fun or educational to look at perhaps one category a month, and see if there’s something there that appeals to you, that you haven’t looked at before or that you found useful the first time around. This arrangement should make that infinitely easier than just the list in numerical order that’s probably what you have now collected.

Anyway, this feels like a fresh start, with the past well organized behind us rather than lost forever.


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I have written about retirement planning before and some of that material also relates to topics or issues that are being discussed here. Where relevant I draw on material from three sources: The Retirement Plan Solution (co-authored with Bob Collie and Matt Smith, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009), my foreword to Someday Rich (by Timothy Noonan and Matt Smith, also published by Wiley, 2012), and my occasional column The Art of Investment in the FT Money supplement of The Financial Times, published in the UK. I am grateful to the other authors and to The Financial Times for permission to use the material here.

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