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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#210 All About BMI (Body Mass Index)

A useful measure, but not definitive

#195 Are You Young, Middle-Aged Or Old?

You may be pleasantly surprised by what I’m about to tell you

#192 An Added Decade Of Healthy Life

That’s what Dr Peter Attia says we can get.

#190 Our Thinking Changes As We Age

And being aware of how it changes makes me feel freer!

# 168 Healthy Life Expectancy

It isn’t just how long we might live that’s of interest. It also matters a lot how healthy our future years are. Health is a tough thing to measure.

#163 What If We Knew We’d Live To 100?

We’d pace ourselves differently, and society would change

#156 Longevity Insurance Is Valuable

Here’s why, even though it’s not available in most countries

#153 An Interview To Watch …

… and thoughts about longevity uncertainty.

#144 Annuities, Longevity Risk And Investment Risk

A framework for thinking about some financial implications of long life

#143 “US Life Expectancy Plunged In 2020”: New York Times Headline

No, it didn’t