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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#144 Annuities, Longevity Risk And Investment Risk

A framework for thinking about some financial implications of long life

#143 “US Life Expectancy Plunged In 2020”: New York Times Headline

No, it didn’t

#138 Canada Now Has A Longevity Pool!

Here’s why and for whom it could be particularly useful

#129 An Unusual But Very Useful Form Of Lifetime Income

In Australia, QSuper launches a modern version of a tontine

#91 Three Items: Explore Longevity, The Podcasts, And A Gift Suggestion

Introducing the stages in Route 3 of Freedom, Time, Happiness, and the podcast series (and a little gift suggestion at the end)

# 76 Healthy Life Expectancy

It isn’t just how long we might live that’s of interest. It also matters a lot how healthy our future years are. We’ll see in this post that health is a tough thing to measure.

# 53 What If You Have A Better Estimate Of Your Own Longevity?

If you have an independent way of getting your own longevity estimate, you can adapt that online Actuaries table to fit your own circumstances.

# 52 One Particular Longevity Table

There’s a particularly useful table available online. Here I’ll show you how to use it.

#12: How Long Should You Plan To Make Your Money Last?

Since you don’t know how long you’ll live, what is a sensible planning horizon for the length of your retirement?

#5: What Does Life Expectancy Mean?

Why do so many people misunderstand life expectancy? Is it the arithmetic or the concept? Let’s take a look. (Spoiler alert: the arithmetic is simple.)