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#159 Using Stock Dividends For Retirement Income

Dividends of a particular type?

#158 Inflation-Protected Lifetime Income Streams

in Finance

If only they were available!

#157 How To Plan If You’re In Uncertain Health

I’ve avoided the subject so far

#156 Longevity Insurance Is Valuable

Here’s why, even though it’s not available in most countries

#151 Detailed Explanation Of My Personal Decumulation Approach

in Finance

Finally, in one place, including some aspects itemized for the first time

#148 My Webcast With Pioneering Pensions

I was a guest on a webcast, expressing my views on decumulation, happiness, and non-financial issues in retirement

#144 Annuities, Longevity Risk And Investment Risk

A framework for thinking about some financial implications of long life

#142 Digging Deeper Into Decumulation Planning

in Finance

I respond to readers’ comments and questions

#141 How To Help People With Decumulation Decisions

in Finance

Australian issues under consideration apply throughout the world

#138 Canada Now Has A Longevity Pool!

Here’s why and for whom it could be particularly useful