Helping you prepare for life after full-time work

Learn how to plan and think about life after full-time work (so-called retirement), particularly the psychological and financial aspects.

Retirement planning, simplified.

Preparing for retirement is a complex process–it can be hard to even know where to start.

This project is about giving you a framework for confidently making your own decisions about retirement, and you'll gain a new perspective on what life after full-time work can look like.

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About Don Ezra

Don has an extensive background in investing and consulting, and is also an accomplished author. His current writing project is focused on helping people prepare for a happy, financially secure life after they finish full-time work.

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The Life After Full-time Work Blog

Giving you confidence in making retirement decisions

#83 “Sequence Of Returns” Risk In Decumulation

The “glide path” in accumulation applies only when you’re saving money, not when you’re making withdrawals. Here’s an important decumulation angle.

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#82 London Notes

A (final) bit of background on my article in the London-based FT Money publication and an accompanying podcast

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#81 Target Date Funds And How To Improve Them

A glide path that is based on assumptions about the average saver is a great start as a default option. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. This post describes ways in which it can be customized to better fit each saver’s characteristics.

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#80 Victory Lap Retirement

Review of a book I enjoyed, plus a bit of news

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