Helping you prepare for life after full-time work

Learn how to plan and think about life after full-time work (so-called retirement), particularly the psychological and financial aspects.

Retirement planning, simplified.

Preparing for retirement is a complex process–it can be hard to even know where to start.

This project is about giving you a framework for confidently making your own decisions about retirement, and you'll gain a new perspective on what life after full-time work can look like.

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About Don Ezra

Don has an extensive background in investing and consulting, and is also an accomplished author. His current writing project is focused on helping people prepare for a happy, financially secure life after they finish full-time work.

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The Life After Full-time Work Blog

Giving you confidence in making retirement decisions

#71 A Liquidity Reservoir Creates Flexibility

If it’s possible, it helps a lot to have some money set aside for emergencies. In fact, as we’ll see in this post, a bit of cash also helps enormously to smooth out the impact of investment fluctuations. 

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#70 Three Goals, Three Instruments

This post looks at the main kinds of financial goals we have for retirement, and why each goal needs its own financial instrument.

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# 69 With Two Extreme Philosophies, Either/Or Is A Bad Way To Frame The Choice

This post expands on the notion of philosophies that embrace only the safety or only the growth end of the spectrum along which goals are placed.

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#68 Safety And Growth As Investment Goals

Here’s a clarification of the goals of safety and growth.

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