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#18: The 10-30-60 Rule Shows The Huge Multiplier Effect Of Investing

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People don’t realize what a huge impact it has when we add investment returns to our savings over a lifetime, or how important it is to keep the investment effort going after retirement. In this post we’ll look at some numbers and come up with a simple rule of thumb.

#17: A First Exploration Of Saving

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In Post #1 we saw that we need to set aside money while we’re working if we want to draw on it later so that we don’t have to work forever. This post picks up on that idea, and explores how much we need to save, as well as what our choices are if we don’t save as much as we need to. Make sure you also read Post #18, which will make you feel much better!

#16: Percent And Decimals

If you’re one of the many who don’t understand the meaning of “percent” or what decimals are, don’t be embarrassed, just read on …

#15: How To Think About Different Kinds of Investments

A continuation of #14. If you think about playing cards or tossing a coin, you can learn a lot about fundamental investment principles, and how to think about different kinds of investments.

#14: Four Commonsense But Profound Investment Principles

Have you ever been to a casino? Wouldn’t it be nice if the odds were in your favor, so that you’re more likely to win than to lose? How would you behave, if you were in that position? Aha, hold that thought, because it can teach a lot about investing, as this post shows.

#13: Teachable Moments And Wake-Up Calls

Life is so busy, there never seems to be enough time or even a good time to think about this stuff. And then suddenly something happens and triggers a connection. Let’s examine teachable moments — and their scarier companions, wake-up calls.

#12: How Long Should You Plan To Make Your Money Last?

Since you don’t know how long you’ll live, what is a sensible planning horizon for the length of your retirement?

#11: Is Retirement Complicated? Or Is It Scary?

Most people are scared to think about a phase of life that could represent a big change. It’s possible to confront and overcome that fear. Here’s how.

#10: How Much Income Do You Need, To Support Your Current Lifestyle?

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Sometimes we think that making a budget is a long, complicated process. But for the purpose of setting a financial target, it doesn’t have to be. It’s surprising how simple it can be, while still being useful.

#9: “I’m Rich!”

I’ve come across lots of rules about how much money you’ll need for a happy, comfortable retirement. And all sorts of numbers, and all sorts of ways to calculate them. When I saw what colleagues of mine came up with, about what it really means to be rich, I loved the simplicity of their concept.