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#199 Which Is The Best Pension System In The World?

And how do you judge something like that?   Usually I write about matters relevant to individuals or couples, but this blog post is an exception. It deals, not with the ground-level individual view, but with the perspective from 30,000 feet, looking at a comparison of pension systems around the world. That comparison has been […]

#198 How To Bring Your Future Self Closer

Three sets of devices to close that difficult gap

#197 Get To Know Your Future Self

… who will seem like a stranger to you

#196 The Benefits From Running

Particularly as we age – and what’s a good pace for running a mile?

#195 Are You Young, Middle-Aged Or Old?

You may be pleasantly surprised by what I’m about to tell you

#194 More On Retirement Styles From Dr Wade Pfau

in Finance

And (at the end) an announcement of an upcoming event in Toronto

#193 Some Fundamental Attitudes Regarding Your Retirement Finances

in Finance

Dr Wade Pfau calls them features of your “retirement style”

#192 An Added Decade Of Healthy Life

That’s what Dr Peter Attia says we can get.

#191 What A Relief To Be Called Normal!

It’s not the same as economically rational.

#190 Our Thinking Changes As We Age

And being aware of how it changes makes me feel freer!