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#176 Index Of Blog Posts

This update includes all posts to the end of 2022

#175 Happy New Year!

I’m still very lucky

#174 A Default Option That Takes You Toward The Summit Of Mt Everest

in Finance

That’s my analogy for this way of creating lifetime income.

#173 An Easy Way To Create A Lifetime Income Stream

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Of the five ways to create a sustainable lifetime income, one is particularly simple to implement and has many desirable features.

#172 “Reimagining Retirement”

An excellent book.

#171 Another Angle On Those Many Forms Of Wealth

It’s powerful when you reach the same destination on two different journeys.

#170 Many Forms Of Wealth

There’s more to wealth than just an abundance of money.

# 169 How To Think About Large Amounts Of Money

in Finance

Think in terms of what they can do for you.

# 168 Healthy Life Expectancy

It isn’t just how long we might live that’s of interest. It also matters a lot how healthy our future years are. Health is a tough thing to measure.

# 167 Aging With Dignity

Among the things we particularly dislike even thinking about, let alone talking about and planning for, is the potential indignity of aging. And if we have no advance thoughts about it, we may become just medical “cases” to doctors rather than human beings with feelings. Let’s explore approaches that help maintain dignity.