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# 168 Healthy Life Expectancy

It isn’t just how long we might live that’s of interest. It also matters a lot how healthy our future years are. Health is a tough thing to measure.

# 167 Aging With Dignity

Among the things we particularly dislike even thinking about, let alone talking about and planning for, is the potential indignity of aging. And if we have no advance thoughts about it, we may become just medical “cases” to doctors rather than human beings with feelings. Let’s explore approaches that help maintain dignity.

#166 Health In Later Life

It’s not just longevity, it’s the years of good health that are important

#165: What Can Pension Savers Do In Bleak Markets?

My recent FT Money article.

#164: An Excellent Lifetime Income Simulator

in Finance

I really like this approach to estimating your sustainable lifetime income

#163 What If We Knew We’d Live To 100?

We’d pace ourselves differently, and society would change

#162 Exercises For The Brain

Fun things to do on your own or in groups

#161 All About Mindfulness

What it is, how it helps, how to do it

#160 Think Of Your Brain Like A Muscle

… even though it isn’t. (It’s an organ.)

#159 Using Stock Dividends For Retirement Income

Dividends of a particular type?