Life After Full-time Work Blog

Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

# 111 What’s Innovative In Pensions?

You tell me!

# 109 And That’s A Wrap!

Introducing our final podcast, and some personal thoughts

# 108 FIRE: What, How, Why – And Why Not

Financial independence, retire early – well, maybe not such a good idea.

# 106 The Names And Dates Of Different Generations

I’ve developed a rough rule of thumb that helps me remember who’s who

# 105 Podcast: The Perspective And Role Of The Plan Sponsor

Takeaways from a leading plan sponsor

# 104 Innovative Solutions To Retirement Security Challenges

A new blog post, and I’m going to feature the “Don’s personal touch” series

# 102 Six Reflections Prompted By The Pandemic

Thoughts about the pandemic, short-term survival, short-term financial safety, equity dividends and volatility, and the wisdom of converting labor into financial assets

# 101 Build Up A Brain Reserve (and a bonus)

How to help your brain power last longer

# 100 First Survive, Then Thrive

Thoughts on what we’re going through (and a podcast uploaded)

# 99 Life After Retirement Doesn’t Need To Be Scary, Says Life Two Author Don Ezra (And A Podcast Uploaded)

An interview for the Saskatchewan Pension Plan (and a podcast about the transition to retirement)