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#206 Equities Are Not An Inflation Hedge

But they usually fight inflation well

#201 Lottery Tickets Are Not An Investment

Nevertheless, you can get emotional value from buying them

#185 A Different Way To Report Retirement Plan Accumulations

More meaningful, with a sense of both the passage of time and volatility

#165: What Can Pension Savers Do In Bleak Markets?

My recent FT Money article.

#159 Using Stock Dividends For Retirement Income

Dividends of a particular type?

#152 Equity Risk In The Long Term

Does time increase or decrease the risk?

#148 My Webcast With Pioneering Pensions

I was a guest on a webcast, expressing my views on decumulation, happiness, and non-financial issues in retirement

#146 First Travel In Nineteen Months!

Some reflections – plus what I learned about responsible investing

#133 Beware! Investing In The Stock Market Is Not A Game!

I expand on a warning given by Warren Buffett

# 126 What Should You Do With Sudden Extra Cash?

Three approaches to this investment question