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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#55 Raise A Glass To The Peak Time Of Life

Here’s why graduating from full-time work should be viewed as a very desirable change.

#54 Au Revoir! (Read This First, Before You Catch Up)

As always, here’s a review of the ground we’ve covered in the last quarter — plus (importantly) a thought on how to catch up if you’ve fallen behind.

# 53 What If You Have A Better Estimate Of Your Own Longevity?

If you have an independent way of getting your own longevity estimate, you can adapt that online Actuaries table to fit your own circumstances.

# 52 One Particular Longevity Table

There’s a particularly useful table available online. Here I’ll show you how to use it.

#51 Wealth Zones: Essentials, Lifestyle, Bequest, Endowed

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So now, through the personal funded ratio calculation, you have an idea of where you are, relative to your target. What if you’re above your target? Or below? How does that affect your lifestyle options?

#50 Variations On A Theme

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Our exemplary couple decide that they want to play with the numbers, a little bit.

#49 An Example Of The Use Of The Personal Funded Ratio Calculator

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It’s time to assemble the facts required for a funded ratio calculation. If you’ve never done it before, gathering the information is not always easy. Here’s how one couple did their best, even though it was far from perfect.

#48 How To Use The Personal Funded Ratio Calculator

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In this post I explain how to use the Personal Funded Ratio calculator that’s on the website: the principles it’s based on, the questions it can answer, the information you need to provide, where and how I’ve imposed limitations on its flexibility – that sort of thing.

# 47 Inheritances And Bequests

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In practice we may add to our savings if we receive an inheritance, and we may want to leave bequests in addition to providing for life after full-time work. In this post we look at how to accommodate those aspects.

#46 Your Personal Funded Ratio

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There’s a simple concept that is extremely useful. Just compare how much you’ve got with how much you need! Here’s how to apply that concept to see how far you’ve come.