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#130 Financial Wellness

in Finance

My takeaways and thoughts after an excellent webinar

#129 An Unusual But Very Useful Form Of Lifetime Income

In Australia, QSuper launches a modern version of a tontine

#127 Decumulation: The State Of The Art Today

in Finance

Five aspects of generating income for life

#121 Inflation Protection During Life Two

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How spending changes in retirement, and the resulting need for inflation protection

#120 We’ve Experienced Huge Inflation

in Finance

But the traditional measures ignore it

#119 Inflation For Retirees

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Is it much the same as for workers?

#117 Emergency Savings Are The Natural Starting Line For Retirement Saving

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And most people never get there.

# 114 Being Normal Beats Being A Theoretical Economic Person

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What economists consider an optimal portfolio combination is better split into two separate pieces

# 110 Low Interest Rates Are A Tax On Savers

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Central bankers cannot find a way to help borrowers without hurting savers

# 107 How Much Financial Certainty Do You Want?

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How to proceed, depending on what you want