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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#148 My Webcast With Pioneering Pensions

I was a guest on a webcast, expressing my views on decumulation, happiness, and non-financial issues in retirement

#144 Annuities, Longevity Risk And Investment Risk

A framework for thinking about some financial implications of long life

#142 Digging Deeper Into Decumulation Planning

in Finance

I respond to readers’ comments and questions

#141 How To Help People With Decumulation Decisions

in Finance

Australian issues under consideration apply throughout the world

#138 Canada Now Has A Longevity Pool!

Here’s why and for whom it could be particularly useful

# 137 Financial Literacy: I Interviewed Prof. Annamaria Lusardi

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What it is and why it’s so important to include it as a fundamental part of our education. And a test you can take

# 136 I’m Featured On The Rational Reminder Podcast

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The podcast was released on Thursday

#134 Something New

in Finance

I hope this is the precursor to many helpful financial simulators

#132 Follow-Up On Personal Pension Choices

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Answering readers’ questions on the previous (FT Money) post

#131 Your Pension, Your Risk, Your Choice

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How to make your pension last: an age-old conundrum