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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#192 An Added Decade Of Healthy Life

That’s what Dr Peter Attia says we can get.

#191 What A Relief To Be Called Normal!

It’s not the same as economically rational.

#190 Our Thinking Changes As We Age

And being aware of how it changes makes me feel freer!

#189 What If Your Saving Is Not Progressing Fast Enough?

in Finance

Let’s examine what you can do if you’re disappointed with your progress

#188 How Would Inflation Have Changed 2022 Personal Funded Ratios?

in Finance

I’ve been asked to say more about future inflation and its effects

#187 Matt Smith’s New Website, The Retirement Space

in Finance

My former colleague has a new website, and an interview with me is the first podcast on it

#186 2022, A Great Year For Investments!

in Finance

Actually true for most workers in “defined contribution” plans

#185 A Different Way To Report Retirement Plan Accumulations

More meaningful, with a sense of both the passage of time and volatility

#184 Financial Literacy Is Low, But Highly Desirable

in Finance

I’ll explain what it is, and why many people wrongly think it’s just higher math.

#183 Yet More Forms Of Exercise

Yoga, t’ai chi, pilates, and the specific goals of exercise