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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#180 Why Save For Retirement?

You don’t have to … if you’re prepared to work forever

#179 “Your Hundred Year Life”: An Outstanding Documentary Film

My film debut! (In a very minor way)

#178 Do You Need A Life of Purpose?

Big P or little p?

#177 Using Time To Improve Happiness

Cassie Holmes tells us how

#176 Index Of Blog Posts

This update includes all posts to the end of 2022

#175 Happy New Year!

I’m still very lucky

#174 A Default Option That Takes You Toward The Summit Of Mt Everest

in Finance

That’s my analogy for this way of creating lifetime income.

#173 An Easy Way To Create A Lifetime Income Stream

in Finance

Of the five ways to create a sustainable lifetime income, one is particularly simple to implement and has many desirable features.

#172 “Reimagining Retirement”

An excellent book.

#171 Another Angle On Those Many Forms Of Wealth

It’s powerful when you reach the same destination on two different journeys.