Life After Full-time Work Blog

Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#145 Early Days At Russell Investments

The excitement of building a legend

#140 Where Did The Notion Of Pension Consultants Come From?

I feature in a short podcast episode on its origins and current status

#135 Many Forms Of Intelligence

There’s more to your mind than just IQ

#128 Retirement Heaven Or Hell: Which Will You Choose?

A review of Mike Drak’s new book

# 125 An Index To The First 124 Blog Posts

This can replace the emails and links you’ve saved!

# 124 The Bull Market Song

A dream, for your amusement

#123 Once Again Happy Holidays, And Best Wishes For 2021

Reflections on where we are, and an index to come next time

# 111 What’s Innovative In Pensions?

You tell me!

# 109 And That’s A Wrap!

Introducing our final podcast, and some personal thoughts

# 108 FIRE: What, How, Why – And Why Not

Financial independence, retire early – well, maybe not such a good idea.