Life After Full-time Work Blog

Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

# 101 Build Up A Brain Reserve (and a bonus)

How to help your brain power last longer

# 100 First Survive, Then Thrive

Thoughts on what we’re going through (and a podcast uploaded)

# 99 Life After Retirement Doesn’t Need To Be Scary, Says Life Two Author Don Ezra (And A Podcast Uploaded)

An interview for the Saskatchewan Pension Plan (and a podcast about the transition to retirement)

# 98 Two Reports On My Activities

It’s always interesting to find out what others get from my research!

# 97 Four More Possible Priorities For Research

Do any of these additional topics appeal to you?

#96 Where Next?

I’m asking for your help in prioritizing topics for me to research

#95 Volunteering Is An Opportunity For Individuals And For Society

Have you considered volunteering? Here are lessons from a case study

# 94 On The Trail For Enthusiasts

For those of you who want to explore some topics in Freedom, Time, Happiness (FTH) even further

# 93 Why I’m Grateful

Quite simply, I’m very lucky

# 88 The Prologue To Freedom, Time, Happiness

Notes about the Prologue and References