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#25: Look How Far We’ve Come

Here’s a convenient summary of what the first 24 posts have covered. I’m sure that not everything was of personal relevance to you, so this post is a way to see where the stuff you are interested in fits into the big picture.

#24: Talking To Your Adult Children Or Other Close Family Members About This Phase Of Life

Parents are often uncomfortable to talk to their adult children about personal matters. This post identifies some of the benefits of that kind of conversation.

#23: Two Other Considerations: Buying A Home, And Life Insurance

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We’ve discussed retirement saving at some length. But when we’re young, we have other long-term financial goals too. Where do buying a home and insuring one’s life fit in?

#22: Financial Stages In Planning For Life After Full-Time Work

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Are there any guideposts as to what you should be doing and what you should be thinking about, at different stages in your financial life? Let’s look at minimum, successful and exceptional standards at five stages.

#21: Dan Discusses How Far He’s Got With His Retirement Planning

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I thought it might be interesting to check in with a family currently saving for retirement and also getting their next generation thinking early along those lines. You might be surprised by the source for the lesson that the father teaches.

#20: Collective Ways To Help Employees In Retirement Planning

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These days the retirement scene is changing, around the world. More and more, the onus is placed on individuals, rather than on pooled arrangements. But it’s possible for new forms of pooling to be made available by employers, associations and unions, and they would help employees enormously.

#19: Behind The Scenes At The World Pension Summit

Here’s a personal view from a global conference on pensions

#18: The 10-30-60 Rule Shows The Huge Multiplier Effect Of Investing

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People don’t realize what a huge impact it has when we add investment returns to our savings over a lifetime, or how important it is to keep the investment effort going after retirement. In this post we’ll look at some numbers and come up with a simple rule of thumb.

#17: A First Exploration Of Saving

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In Post #1 we saw that we need to set aside money while we’re working if we want to draw on it later so that we don’t have to work forever. This post picks up on that idea, and explores how much we need to save, as well as what our choices are if we don’t save as much as we need to. Make sure you also read Post #18, which will make you feel much better!

#16: Percent And Decimals

If you’re one of the many who don’t understand the meaning of “percent” or what decimals are, don’t be embarrassed, just read on …