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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#90 Explore Investment (and a little but important note at the end)

Introducing the stages in Route 2 of Freedom, Time, Happiness (and a note about the podcasts)

#89 Explore Happiness And The Psychology Of Life Two

Introducing the stages in Route 1 of Freedom, Time, Happiness

# 88 The Prologue To Freedom, Time, Happiness

Notes about the Prologue and References

#87 The Outline of Freedom, Time, Happiness

All about the book and its detailed contents

#86 Website Redesign!

Three new features, and nothing taken away

#85 A Case Study On The Investment Glide Path In Decumulation

in Finance

Experts make assumptions about our attitude to financial risk in our retirement years. Here’s a case study that suggests that psychology plays a considerable role, regardless of finances.

#84 Sometimes Bad Things Happen For Long Periods

Of course we hope for good outcomes when we invest. But we must consider the possibility that outcomes will be bad, perhaps even over long periods. That’s what risk means. Let’s take a look at history again, this time looking at bad news.

#83 “Sequence Of Returns” Risk In Decumulation

in Finance

The “glide path” in accumulation applies only when you’re saving money, not when you’re making withdrawals. Here’s an important decumulation angle.

#82 London Notes

A (final) bit of background on my article in the London-based FT Money publication and an accompanying podcast

#81 Target Date Funds And How To Improve Them

in Finance

A glide path that is based on assumptions about the average saver is a great start as a default option. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. This post describes ways in which it can be customized to better fit each saver’s characteristics.