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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#128 Retirement Heaven Or Hell: Which Will You Choose?

A review of Mike Drak’s new book

#127 Decumulation: The State Of The Art Today

in Finance

Five aspects of generating income for life

# 126 What Should You Do With Sudden Extra Cash?

Three approaches to this investment question

# 125 An Index To The First 124 Blog Posts

This can replace the emails and links you’ve saved!

# 124 The Bull Market Song

A dream, for your amusement

#123 Once Again Happy Holidays, And Best Wishes For 2021

Reflections on where we are, and an index to come next time

#122 A Webinar Interview On Retirement

I was interviewed at the annual Academic Forum of the (US) Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association

#121 Inflation Protection During Life Two

in Finance

How spending changes in retirement, and the resulting need for inflation protection

#120 We’ve Experienced Huge Inflation

in Finance

But the traditional measures ignore it

#119 Inflation For Retirees

in Finance

Is it much the same as for workers?