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Learn about preparing for life after full-time work through posts from Don's upcoming book.

#82 London Notes

A (final) bit of background on my article in the London-based FT Money publication and an accompanying podcast

#81 Target Date Funds And How To Improve Them

in Finance

A glide path that is based on assumptions about the average saver is a great start as a default option. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. This post describes ways in which it can be customized to better fit each saver’s characteristics.

#80 Victory Lap Retirement

Review of a book I enjoyed, plus a bit of news

#79 A Review Of 2Q2019, And What’s Coming

A quick summary, plus a preview on expanding the perspective found in Life Two

#78 Glide From Youth Into Life Two (Walk 20)

in Finance

A long excerpt from the Life Two book, to show you its structure.

# 77 The Life Two book has been published

I’m excited to tell you about it … and more!

# 76 Healthy Life Expectancy

It isn’t just how long we might live that’s of interest. It also matters a lot how healthy our future years are. We’ll see in this post that health is a tough thing to measure.

#75 How Reliable An Income Stream Can You Get From Equity Dividends?

One for the geeks among you. Equities embody growth-seeking. But many people hope that they can use equity dividends as a component of their safety-oriented investments.

#74 Reflections On Being (And No Longer Being) An Actuary

My actuarial status has changed, with an emotional impact

#73 When The Time Comes To Make Decisions

in Finance

This tale by a master story-teller is scary. It reminds us that we should think about potential disruptive things before they’re upon us. This post also explains why we prefer to postpone tough decisions.